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感謝大家的熱情參與,本活動已額滿!若有興趣參與,請上 hackpad  與 irc 討論有興趣的主題。活動當天的開場介紹及結束成果會在線上直播,請關注 #g0v 獲取最新資訊,謝謝!

【為何要來】政策瞎,官員混,立委貪,政府爛,總統笨.....除了生氣翻桌,到底還能做什麼?g0v.tw 在yahoo hackday 做了中央預算視覺化贏得佳作,但這只是增加政府透明度的小小初步成果。我們決定把獎金拿出來,自辦一場 hackathon,讓更多事情加速進行!


地點] 2012/12/01 0900~1800 中央研究院 資訊科技創新研究中心  免費參加 地址:台北市南港區115研究院路2段128號

活動形式如果你手邊已經有正在進行的計畫,或者你期待某些功能的服務,來上台作個兩分鐘的簡報,找幾個志同道合的夥伴組隊,然後開始hack! 可以先到以下網址聊聊你的想法: 

wiki: https://hackpad.com/ul6fMthof2S
irc: #g0v.tw on freenode


將應該開放給社會大眾的資訊建立API,利用這些資訊或 API 來玩出新創意。


俗話說,很多事都在加速進行中。Make it so!




[why] - people are frustrated, and think they can’t change anything.  but with little efforts from everyone, we can make it even less effort for more people to effectively care about things.  g0v.tw did a budget visualization and won a prize from yahoo open hackday 2012.  we are using the prize to host another hackathon to accelerate the changes that need to happen.

[who] - developers, ui designer, activists, legal experts, and citizens who want to see things changed with the use of technologies

[when/where] http://citi.sinica.edu.tw/

[form] If you have a project, or you want to see something happen, make a 2-minute presentation and preach for your ideas and why this helps people.  Assemble a team and hack!  go to the wiki or irc channel and start sharing ideas!

[cheating encouraged] you are encouraged to start hacking before the event, and recruit people to help

[things to do]
Provide API to Information or Data that should be available to everyone.  Use those data or API to do interesting things, like statistics and visualization.


Make it so!

中研院資訊科技創新研究中心 / 台北市南港區研究院路二段128號

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~ 2012/12/01 18:00(+0800) End of Sale
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